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Civil Law Notary Firm

and Legal Advisors

Success is the result of organization, planning and hard work: the firm’s goal is to work hard to assist its clients’ future success.



The associated notary firm Iannaccone Rinaldi deals with own customers for over 30 years relying on a highly professional approach for notary activities. Every procedure is personally followed by a notary and by a specialised team. The customer is informed during every phase of the case. 

Notaries Maria Nives Iannaccone and Edoardo Rinaldi believe in providing personalised and efficient assistance. Customers are protected and provided support in legal and tax aspects in their respective cases.

The professional firm has international expertise in succession, corporate, real estate, banking and insurance law. Italian or foreign investors are provided assistance and consultancy services, as well as entrepreneurs or private individuals, receiving support during every phase of the investment. The firm provides assistance and consultancy services to general counsels of major companies. 

Customers who rely on the professionalism of the firm are mainly banking groups, insurance companies, real estate investors, international law firms and major accounting firms, in addition to private individuals who seek security and professionalism in their investments.





The Notary Firm assists its customers during the most significant phases of their corporate activities, in incorporating start-up companies, innovative start-ups, in preparing shareholders’ agreements, network contracts, consortia, as well as in acquisition operations and in general in non-recurring operations. 

Special assistance is given to foreign companies opening branches in Italy by offering them constant support in dealings with public offices. 

The firm’s activities are not limited to major operations, but also cover daily corporate activities with services and consultancy in such a manner as to provide companies complete support.




The notary firm Iannaccone Rinaldi assists its customers in investment operations by supporting them with legal due diligence activities, including building and building registry activities, as well as in preparing proposals, drafting preliminary contracts and finalising the final sales contract and subsequent activities. The firm is particularly experienced in the acquisition of entire commercial and residential buildings. 

In addition to having in-depth legal knowledge, upon request of the customer, the firm can rely on specialised technicians to provide extensive structural, environmental and town-planning analyses. Investors are therefore supported on any real estate aspect.



The notary firm Iannaccone Rinaldi provides services to major national and international banking groups and is particularly involved in financing operations, including project finance with special reference to guarantees, such as liens, mortgages, special privileges and assignment of collateral credit. Moreover, the firm supports own customers in debt restructuring operations and in settlement agreements.

Terzo Settore - No profit


Lo studio notarile Iannaccone Rinaldi presta la propria attività a favore di gruppi bancari di primaria importanza nell'ambito nazionale e internazionale ed è particolarmente versato nelle operazioni di financing, project finance con particolare riferimento alle relative garanzie quali pegni, ipoteche, privilegi speciali, cessioni di crediti in garanzia. Assiste inoltre i propri clienti nelle operazioni di ristrutturazione del debito e negli accordi transattivi.



The two partners of the firm are particularly involved in the international market and provide assistance to foreign companies and citizens. The firm looks after and accompanies foreign investors in Italy with activities and services aimed at facilitating the introduction into our legal system. The firm offers meetings to explain the Italian legal system and the legal certainty given by the notary intervention. The firm offers services to entities or private individuals and assist them in applications for residence in Italy. 

Notary deeds may be drafted in a foreign language, including English, French, German or even Chinese or Russian.

Settore Internazionale



The notary firm has gained expensive experience in intergenerational transfers of assets. The firm assists businesses and private individuals during the most delicate time of a family thereby advising them depending on the case, on the best possible solution to ensure a stable and safe intergenerational transfer. Classical and innovative legal arrangements such as trusts or fiduciary assignments are used to meet the respective needs and resolve the most complex cases.




The notary firm Iannaccone Rinaldi provides assistance and services to customers on succession, resolving the most delicate matters while planning succession cases through the preparation of family agreements, wills and donations.




The study Iannaccone Rinaldi assists the client-consumer in the peculiar moments of his life, such as buying a house, taking a loan, the drafting of coexistence agreements and the formation of companies, even individual, to carry out entrepreneurialbusiness. The experience and professionalism of the study allow to deepen every aspect connected with the real estate purchase . The seriousness and professionalism with which each case is personally cared for by notaries   help avoiding risks and problems related to the origin, to possible weights and constraints and to ascertain the planning and building regularly.

On customer request the study can offer a thorough due diligence of the property on the sale (article by Notaio Iannaccone), verifying technical aspects often overlooked but very important for the safety of a risk-free transaction, with no surprises for both parties.



The notary Maria Nives Iannaccone is a registerd mediator in ADR Notaries (mediation body of notaries based in Rome), of which is also currently Vice President. The experience she gained after mediating numerous disputes, makes her particularly suitable and sensitive to settle conflicts which arise within family groups, with particular reference to succession problems, and also to resolve conflicts within groups, aggregations or companies in which contrasting interests or antagonisms may arise.

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The intervention of the notary, especially if specialized and active in the field, as in the case of Studio Iannaccone Rinaldi, offers guarantees and certainties for proper participation and conduct of the auction, including the step of the allocation of the property and subsequent formalities. The customer is attended in every phase of the complex procedure.

Both notaries are delegated by the Tribunal for real estate auctions of enforcement proceedings.

The notary Rinaldi is part of the circuit RAN (Network Auctions Notary), platform of computerized estate auctions active throughout the country.

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