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Maria Nives Iannaccone


Born in Rome.

Graduated at the Faculty of Law in 1978, with honours.

Notary since 1984, with the first seat in Delebio (Sondrio) and then in Seregno (Monza and Brianza).

Since 2008 has practiced in association with Notary Edoardo Rinaldi, based in Milan.

Mediator and member of the ADR Notary mediation body, based in Rome, of which she is also Deputy Chairperson.

Member and Coordinator of the Commission for the Third Sector of the Notary Council of Milan dedicated to setting the interpretation of Italian laws in this sector.

External Member of the Commission of the Third Sector of the National Council of Notaries.

Councilor of the Notary Council of the joined districts of Milan, Monza, Varese and Lodi from 2007 to 2014.

Lecturer at:                                                                                                                                     

  • The Lombardy School of Civil Law Notaries from 2004 to 2011;

  • The School of Specialization for Legal Professionals (at Bocconi University and at University of Pavia) 2007-2012;

  • The School of Specialization in Family and Third Sector Law  at Università Cattolica in Milan since 2010. (Title of the course: Diritto delle persone e della famiglia)

Editor from 2004 to 2008 of  FederNotizie, a journal that deals with issues within the notarial category and technical-scientific topics, in which she is still a writer.

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